"You were the greatest. You went way beyond our very high expectations. The audience loved you and took home actionable ideas. Mark your calendar to return next year.
Dennis Kirven, Ohio Florist Association
"... thank you for your dynamic presentation and thoughtful comments. I enjoyed your humor yet informative presentation style. You were a terrific speaker..."
Karen Wiffler, Charles Schwab
"There was such a change in the attitude of our people after the seminar that our customers were asking if the business had been sold."
Turk Turko, Claremont Camera
"Great response to your presentation! 100% of the attendees said they learned something. Thanks... a wonderful job."
Mary Ann LaMarre, Photo Marketing Association
"Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Our sales are up 15% and we attribute it to what we learned at the seminar. We want a refresher and advanced course just before the Christmas season."
Robert Klaben, Click Camera
"Thank you for everything you have done. It would not have happened without you. You have helped me realize my wildest dreams."
Beverly Milanowski, Milanowski, Inc.
"I used the listening techniques with my boyfriend. . . and they worked. . . he understands me better!"
(Name Withheld By Request) El Paso, Texas
"Topping the list (of convention highlights) was keynote speaker Bill McCurry’s presentation on customer service and productivity in the workplace. McCurry rewarded interactive audience members by tossing them candy bars and conducted group sessions on motivating the workforce."
Greenhouse Grower (August, 1997)
"Your presentation stimulated many good questions and continued positive comments. You are consistently rated the best speaker!"
Nathan Cox, Bank of the West

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