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Disclosure: Photo Marketing Association International, Photographic Research Organization (PRO) & the Independent Photo Imagers(IPI) are clients of McCurry Associates. McCurry Camera Stores is a former PTN Dealer of The Year)


McCurry Marketing Idea Exchange

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Photo Image News

As a labor of love and his gift to our industry, Chris Lydle operates with some of the most on target information for specialty imaging firms anywhere. You can’t help but improve your business if you prowl around this site. This is the “official” archives of McCurry’s Marketing Idea Exchange.


User Groups List Serves

These email lists are made up of users of related equipment that ask questions of each other and post solutions to tricky problems. If you have a digital lab you should be on one of these lists. Lists are run by volunteers and are not sources for official vendor information. They can are good sources for what the manufacturers forgot to tell you or don’t want you to know. Go to - you will find user groups for Agfa, Fuji, Konica and Noritsu equipment


Photo Marketing Association International

PMA is the imaging industries trade association. They host North America's biggest photo show every February. They publish a monthly magazine and informative website, Check out their business resources as well as local division meetings, great values that less astute in the industry overlook.


Cooperative Buying Groups

• For larger very well established camera stores: Photographic Research Organization (PRO) –
• For labs and/or studios: The largest is Independent Photo Imagers (IPI) –
• Also for labs or studios, Town & Country –



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