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Welcome to Issue 1 of Horticultural Marketing Idea Exchange. You asked to receive these money making ideas from the 2005 OFA Short Course Idea Exchanges.

Money making ideas are yours, Free! . . . Thanks to OFA members who share their wisdom at the 2005 OFA Short Course Idea Exchanges. For this to be here members had to be willing to share their ideas and others volunteered to be scribes to record what was shared. This is a compilation of notes written by dozens of volunteers. Some are more detailed than others . . . That's the joy of working with volunteers . . . The goal is these ideas will spark your creativity to put more cash in your jeans and less stress and worry on your shoulders.

Special thanks to all who contributed . . . Duane Weaver of Milmont Greenhouses, Waynesboro, VA was the Super Scribe who took overall notes and compiled many of the ideas for us. Thank you Duane! Thanks to all the other session and table scribes who made this compilation possible.

Based upon suggestions from attendees, we will not "dump" these ideas on you in one overwhelming pile . . . rather we will send them out every three weeks in an email format (with no downloads, per your requests). Each email is designed to be read in three minutes or less. If ideas come to you during the year that you would like to share, please send them to hortideas@mccurryassoc.com and we'll include them in future emails.

PRIVACY: It's very important to us - your email address will not be shared with anyone . . . and we won't Spam you . . . if you know of others who would like to receive these creative ideas every three weeks, have them send an email to hortsubscribe@mccurryassoc.com - put their name, company name or affiliation, city, state/province and we'll add them to the list. We will also be archiving these at www.ideaexchanges.com

Questions? Thoughts? No cost follow up is available to all 2005 OFA Short Course attendees - we'd love to hear from you . . . (hint: if you email, put OFA in the subject line so the Spam filters don't eat your email.)

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OK, enough administrative stuff . . . let's get to the ideas . . . (next email won't have all the admin) . . .

Super Idea #1 - Right now mark your calendar for the 2006 OFA Short Course -

Super Idea #2 - Don't be misled . . . Many people think they need to attend just the trade show . . . that's true . . . as far as it goes. And those who want to get ahead of the pack arrive Friday night so they can take advantage of the educational and growth sessions on Saturday - so plan to arrive Friday, night July 7 so you can hit the early morning Saturday (July 8, 2005) money making sessions. The trade show only will be July 9-11, 2006.

Marketing Idea Exchange

These are compilations from both the Garden Center Idea Exchange, Monday, July 11 4:15-7:30pm and the Marketing Idea Exchange Tuesday, July 12, 7:30am-9:00am. (Apologies - couldn't tell from various scribes' notes which session was which - we'll fix this next year, we promise!)

  • You can expand your herb sales year around and to more varieties by holding herb seminars
  • Your display and POP materials should be arranged by usage type
  • Cut your own herbs in the winter, sell "ready to use" which also promotes people buying their own herbs.
  • Some garden centers and growers were charging $40 per pound or more for finished herbs - good revenue source while also promoting the purchase of herbs for home growing.
  • 1 table of herbs - 3 gallon pots
  • Top selling varieties customers will immediately understand . . .
  • Parsley
  • Cilantro
  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • Sage
  • Bay leaf
  • Thyme

One enterprising herb grower allows customers to preorder their herbs if they are ordered and picked up on time the grower includes labels or informative tags with the order along with helpful hints on growing and using the herbs. The fact these "consumer support" items are included in a "package deal" gives them higher perceived value. The consumer is also spurred to order early and pick up on time to get the "free" support items.

ABOUT THE LIST: This is a "work in progress" and is designed to be responsive to the list subscribers. When this list was being contemplated, many of you asked that we not show email addresses where they might get picked up by Sp@mmers, thus there is no public master list of subscribers. Additionally, some of you felt the ability for anyone to respond to the group as a whole led to an avalanche of emails that jammed your email systems. Thus, space allowing, we will attach to the next newsletter any comments that are intended for broad distribution. Please let us know if these policies make sense for you. You can reach us at hortideas@mccurryassoc.com

We look forward to hearing from you. When you send in your submissions, questions or comments please identify yourself and let us know if you want your name withheld when your material is published.

Your continued receipt of this Marketing Idea Exchange will indicate you agree to the following:
   1. Good taste, common decency and truth are required at all times and necessary for the continuation of this list.
   2. Each list participant is expected to send in at least two marketing ideas each year. They can be your best ideas, worst ideas or just ideas you're thinking of trying.
   3. To guarantee sanctity of email addresses, communiques will go through McCurry Associates email. You agree to not share the email addresses of people on this list with anyone and further agree to not send emails unrelated to ideas for the horticultural industry. No Spamming allowed.
   4. You agree that business is an art, not a science and what works for one organization may or may not work for another. You therefore agree to hold harmless and release from all liability all parties (including without limitation McCurry Associates as well as Hudson and Associates) who are associated or participating with this list for any and all causes of action.
   5. This list is operated by McCurry Associates and is not endorsed nor sanctioned by any organization, group or entity other than McCurry Associates. Specifically it is not part of OFA or any other trade association or industry group. McCurry Associates is the sole arbitrator of all issues regarding the operation of this list and may cancel it without notice. All submissions become the property of McCurry Associates and may be reproduced in any form at McCurry Associates sole discretion. Your suggestions to improve this list are heartily welcomed.

We hope you enjoy and profit greatly from this experience,
Bill and Gary

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